Friday, February 20, 2009

Contract & colours

On the one day we met with the guys and went through the contracts. We were happy with everything, had a few little extras we added (which now I can't even remember what they were) and the plans were amended exactly as requested. After RSI from all the page signing we were done..

Next for our colour consult. We had pretty much decided on everything we wanted before we walked in and had our list written down. Our only issue was that the brick we originally wanted for the house turned out to be an extra $5000 on top, so we picked one that was within the standard range. It would of been nice to have that brick but an extra $5000 for bricks isn't going to increase the price of our house. Most of the colour consult went smoothly. Only issue we faced was that the laminate colours we selected from the laminex colour book Wisdom didn't have available. We found a close match with the cupboards but had to go with something different for the bench tops. And our consultant was extremely helpful.

L-R- Doors & skirting colour, then wall colour
L-R- Back bench on island bench, bench tops & cupboards (second two are for vanities) Other kitchen colours in newer post

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