Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to council & Wish card

We finally heard back from Wisdom on some of issues. They have redrawn up the plans with the window change and that has been sent back through to the council today. Still haven't heard anything about the price of the upper poly cupboards, been over three weeks now.

The driveway bond was paid last week through the council, so just waiting still.

One of the deals with buying land at The Ponds is upon settlement you get a Wishgift card worth $5000 from them. Now our land has settled we have been contacted about getting this card. Email states we have to attend there Rhodes office on one particular day, each purchaser has to attend and if not they have to give authority for the other purchaser. Need to present id as well as copy of contract. have to email to arrange an appointment for the day they pick... being a Monday too.. they don't make it easy for you! most ppl work weekdays, were just lucky we can move our shifts around.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frustration hits

So on one hand we are excited that our land settles at 11am tomorrow! finally.. but on the other hand a bit disappointed with Builder.. have had some smooth sailing till now.. We have been waiting over 2 weeks for them to come back with a price on the upper poly cupboards. Two weeks ago we told them that we wanted alterations to the kitchen window. One person told us we wont need to go through council to change it to a fixed window but now we've been told we have to go back through council which will take about a week and they also need to draw up new plans for that too... so will hold us back a week, after we asked for it 2 weeks ago &..... they just sat on our four emails until we saw them... hopefully we get a call tomorrow about prices and the status of the window change. We left a msg today but no call back... hope Wisdom lift there game, its upsetting as everyone else has had a great run.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Off to Estimating

Today we went Wisdom's offices to have our final meeting with A. We went through our electricial plan and a few changes we wanted. Finalised the colour changes with the kitchen upgrade & added timber shelving in the kitchen pantry. We are changing the kitchen window above the stove to match the window in the 32 to make it a fixed window, so plans will have to be changed and a variation sent to council for approval. We were told this would take a week. No big issue anyway as we have to get construction certificate which takes about that long as well.

We just contacted Integral to set up an account for the new address. And tomorrow we have to go to Blacktown Council to pay the driveway bond.

We spoke to conveyancer today and land will settle tomorrow.

Wisdom files has been sent to Estimating... Not long till we start now!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kitchen colours

Over the weekend we finally decide both decided on what kitchen colours we want to go. We went to the Impression 38 at The Ponds and really like the poly cupboards and bench top there so are going to copy that but go the Latte glass splash back to keep with our colours. We have emailed Anita asking these colours and advising her of our changes before we go on Wednesday to sign final papers before our file goes to estimating at the end of the week..
Latte glass colour

Impression 38 Kitchen, the same but with white poly cupboards up the top and a latte coloured splashback

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally registered

Today we received a letter from our conveyancer stating that our land is finally registered! Letter dated 6th March and only just arrived 10th March. Nice that we got a phone call!
Settlement due 20th March so will be sorting things out with the bank tomorrow and advising Wisdom! Then off we go!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Calculating all the changes

Today we went back at Minto to look at the display home and check out the kitchen. They use the standard laminex range, since were thinking white we thought we would check it out. Was ok but not as nice as the poly. As went went through to check out the single story and explained what we were looking at they were nice enough to let us in the colour consult room to have a play. Which was handy I (K) was my myself last night.On showing M the poly range as well as the caesarstone and glass colours I liked he seemed to agree that an upgrade was a good idea.

We then went over the Eldersile to check out there kitchens as well. The Trinity had the white poly cupboards exactly as we liked so just need to find a price on these.

We also discussed some changes with our kitchen window. We only just realised that the one in the display is different to our place. Our window is alot larger, goes right down to the bench top where as the 32 is a small fixed window. We prefer the smaller of the two. So also going to see about this changed, not sure how we go seeing as we have already gone through council.

We sat down on coming home and added up a few things we wanted extra like lamp fittings.

Friday, March 6, 2009

DA Approval

So we just checked the council website like we do everyday and its approved!

Change of Kitchen colours ??

After some thinking & talking we are contemplating changing our kitchen colours. We are thinking now to just go a white on the cupboards instead of the colour..

I went to Wisdom today and was let into the colour consult room to go through the colours.. Now I think I want to do the kitchen upgrade, just need to find out the price for the higher polyurethane cupboards that aren't included in the package..

The package includes glass splash backs, casearstone benchtop, polyurethane cupboards (bench down), diswasher, soft close draws & a stainless steel cutlery tray.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is it registered??

Currently we are trying to find out if our land has been registered.

Today we looked on DA website and found that our property no longer has the closest road listed as our address, it has our street together with a street number! not a lot number, an actual street address number..

We have called conveyancer but are waiting a call back

Artist drawings