Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Off to Estimating

Today we went Wisdom's offices to have our final meeting with A. We went through our electricial plan and a few changes we wanted. Finalised the colour changes with the kitchen upgrade & added timber shelving in the kitchen pantry. We are changing the kitchen window above the stove to match the window in the 32 to make it a fixed window, so plans will have to be changed and a variation sent to council for approval. We were told this would take a week. No big issue anyway as we have to get construction certificate which takes about that long as well.

We just contacted Integral to set up an account for the new address. And tomorrow we have to go to Blacktown Council to pay the driveway bond.

We spoke to conveyancer today and land will settle tomorrow.

Wisdom files has been sent to Estimating... Not long till we start now!


  1. Hi Guys,
    if you dont mind how much did the upgrade to timber in WIP cost? Has you cost of building gone up much from day one?

  2. Timber upgrade is $380, we have added about 27k on top of the base package price. Haven't gone overboard but have quite a few extra things added.

  3. Sorry about 33k over, forgot to add kitchen and a few other bits