Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frustration hits

So on one hand we are excited that our land settles at 11am tomorrow! finally.. but on the other hand a bit disappointed with Builder.. have had some smooth sailing till now.. We have been waiting over 2 weeks for them to come back with a price on the upper poly cupboards. Two weeks ago we told them that we wanted alterations to the kitchen window. One person told us we wont need to go through council to change it to a fixed window but now we've been told we have to go back through council which will take about a week and they also need to draw up new plans for that too... so will hold us back a week, after we asked for it 2 weeks ago &..... they just sat on our four emails until we saw them... hopefully we get a call tomorrow about prices and the status of the window change. We left a msg today but no call back... hope Wisdom lift there game, its upsetting as everyone else has had a great run.


  1. Hi MKtodd,
    I can understand where your coming from i send them a email on sunday with the ok with the house drawings and only wanted a door add on the WIR in the main bedroom. I waited until wednesday for a reply from peter a wisdom and then i called to see what was happening next.
    So i hope this isnt things to come

  2. Yeah they have been great until recent.. its disappointing as its just when were about to start and are now being delayed with the build due to how long they are taking with stuff they have sat on for weeks.