Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to council & Wish card

We finally heard back from Wisdom on some of issues. They have redrawn up the plans with the window change and that has been sent back through to the council today. Still haven't heard anything about the price of the upper poly cupboards, been over three weeks now.

The driveway bond was paid last week through the council, so just waiting still.

One of the deals with buying land at The Ponds is upon settlement you get a Wishgift card worth $5000 from them. Now our land has settled we have been contacted about getting this card. Email states we have to attend there Rhodes office on one particular day, each purchaser has to attend and if not they have to give authority for the other purchaser. Need to present id as well as copy of contract. have to email to arrange an appointment for the day they pick... being a Monday too.. they don't make it easy for you! most ppl work weekdays, were just lucky we can move our shifts around.

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