Sunday, April 5, 2009

Status 5th April

So we picked up our Wishgift cards- turned out to be 10x $500 cards which we prefer in case we lost it! has been handy with groceries! more money to save during build.

Wisdom needed to get copy of settlement to give to The Private Certifiers last week so the construction certificate could be issued. Plans have gone back through council with the window changed, we were told they have been accepted but Wisdom are waiting for them to come back.

We have been told the pegs are in the ground to start moving...

And still haven't heard about the price on the top poly cupboards! I know what your thinking, pretty poor.. its been over a month now for one price. Were hoping that once they actually start its all smooth sailing, no more stuffing around.

We got good news this week about a relative going overseas for about 6 months and allowing us to house sit there place at Rouse Hill until ours in built, so preparing for a move again.. Are very lucky that we only need to pay the bills & no rent, which will help us out heaps!! so preparing to move at the end of the month.

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  1. i know how you feel, We have asked for info on a larger and wider bath around 1 month ago still waiting. I am going to call tomorrow as i have another request. Want to know how much extra it is to termite protect timber(sprayed on timber) We have colour sections easter saturday :)

    looking forward to your updates.