Saturday, March 7, 2009

Calculating all the changes

Today we went back at Minto to look at the display home and check out the kitchen. They use the standard laminex range, since were thinking white we thought we would check it out. Was ok but not as nice as the poly. As went went through to check out the single story and explained what we were looking at they were nice enough to let us in the colour consult room to have a play. Which was handy I (K) was my myself last night.On showing M the poly range as well as the caesarstone and glass colours I liked he seemed to agree that an upgrade was a good idea.

We then went over the Eldersile to check out there kitchens as well. The Trinity had the white poly cupboards exactly as we liked so just need to find a price on these.

We also discussed some changes with our kitchen window. We only just realised that the one in the display is different to our place. Our window is alot larger, goes right down to the bench top where as the 32 is a small fixed window. We prefer the smaller of the two. So also going to see about this changed, not sure how we go seeing as we have already gone through council.

We sat down on coming home and added up a few things we wanted extra like lamp fittings.

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