Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Start date

Well we were meant to have a start on the land today... and its pouring! so heaven knows when it will happen. No calls from anyone letting us know though. We got email about our final variations to sign off on and in the mail received all our plans with our construction certificate.

M went out to the land tonight to see if we had a Wisdom sign or a fence, nup.. nothing... :( go away rain!


  1. Bummer guys :( Here's hoping the rain buggers off long enough to get your house off the ground and get a roof on it! We were told we'd have a sign about 2 months ago and we're only just in council. If you still don't have one, I won't hold my breath ;)

  2. Now Sat 25th and nothing happened this week (or if it did we weren't informed)