Friday, August 28, 2009

Gotta love weekend work!

We extremely happy to find the tilers and plasters working on a Saturday
Some more pics of the kitchen, they have put in pantry doors and done the bulkheads & cornices.

Laundry tiled
Downstairs toilet tiled
Ensuite tiled

Ensuite shower
Ensuite again from doorway
Main bathroom, the floors were done and he was working on the walls & around the bath

Doors are hung throughout the house, this is the bedroom cupboards
Linen doors
Cornices are done in the alfresco

Tiles beneath the laundry door
Portico was just finished being tiled as we arrived

Portico tiled


  1. HI MKTodd, my wife and i are following your journey as we are also looking at purchasing the Aspiration 35. What facade have you chosen??
    Thanks S&F

  2. Sash it is just the classic facade but we changed the front portico to have it squared off and rendered. If you mention ours to Wisdom I'm sure they can copy to do the same.

  3. MKTodd, thanks for your reply. I will follow it up with them, the house looks good.